If Aisha Bowe had followed her guidance counselor’s advice, she would be a cosmetologist... 

Instead, Aisha is an aeronautical engineer and entrepreneur managing multi-million dollar defense contracts and private-sector technology clients. This unique combination has strengthened Aisha’s commitment to evangelizing the power and unlimited future of science and technology for young women all over the world.

While she never pursued cosmetology professionally, Aisha is still a huge fan of beauty and fashion-especially when she is able to use technology to keep that love front and center.

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What is STEMBoard?


STEMBoard is a minority-owned tech company that solves complex problems for government and private sector clients.


As CEO, Aisha leads development, expansion and management of STEMBoard’s multi-million defense-contracts and private sector clients.



Since 2013, Aisha Bowe has made it her mission to close the achievement gap by empowering minority youth in #STEM to become the industry's future.


Old City

April 1995


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